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Forged In Fire competitor on Season 8, Episode 9 - The Massive Maguro Bocho. Other than that I'm just a broken Veteran who doubles as misfit metallurgical manipulator who likes heating and beating steel when I'm not late night crime fighting lol.

Our Work

Bringing knives alive since 2015.

Pipe Tomahawk



What Your Get From Revenant Forge

When you buy a hand forged item from me

You get a timeless, one of a kind, quality built hand forged piece

  • Proudly Made in American
  • Veteran Owned Company
  • Designed for Hard Work
  • Proven Materials
  • Quality Craftsmanship

Yes, We Do Custom Orders

We can make a custom piece for you. Most of our best work has been custom ordered. Working with a customers’ ideas can push us in directions we have never thought of and open new areas to explore!

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Forged In Fire - Season 8, Episode 8

Justin Workman Jan 6, 2021 Link

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Justin Workman July 7, 2021 Link

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